Natmar Thermoset

Heat Seal Machines

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Safe   •   Dependable  •   Durable
Economical  •   Versatile

The Thermoset I and Thermoset II are excellent choices for sealing emblems, labels, garment patches, mat patches or fusing other textile items. The economical Thermoset I employs thermostatically controlled platens. The dual digital heat controllers of the Thermoset II offer a host of production and maintenance features. These machines can be modified to meet a variety of heat sealing needs.

    Standard Production Features
    Designed for durability and ease of maintenance
    Upper & lower heated platens
    Heavy duty self lubricating 4" air cylinder
    HTop head insulated for more consistent temperatures
    Conveniently located air pressure gauge & regulator
    Teflon covers on all platens or pads bonded to aluminum
    Adjustable digital timer fits a variety of time requirements
    Rugged steel construction
    Full cycle piece counter

    Safety Features
    Full circuitry touch sensitive safety bar with automatic shutdown
    Two hand activation, except on A.V.
    Bumper guards around all platens
    Plexiglass guard, covers pinch point between the upper platen and hood
    Emergency stop button
    Electrical fuse mounted on front cover for accessibility

    Optional Features
    Air/Temperature auto shutdown & timer lockout
    Heavy duty pedestal with level adjustment
    Platen sizes include 5" × 7", 4" × 6", 3" × 4" (13 × 18cm, 10 × 15cm, 6 × 10cm)
    Thermostat or Digital Heat Controls
    Garment Trays
    Safety foot pedal
    Pro-con — factory installed or retrofit

    Maintenance Features
    Immediate hood access design
    Heavy duty frame
    Activation lights for each platen
    Thermostat or digital heat controllers

Benefits of digital heat controllers
  1. Interchangeable units
  2. Consistent heat control
  3. 450° max set point
  4. Self diagnostic
  5. Alarm for ± temperature variance
  6. Temperature lockout
  7. Continuous display of preset & actual temperatures for each head simultaneously

    Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Characteristics

    ° 1000 Watt Power Consumption (4" × 6" platens)

    ° 120 Volt — 60 Hz — or 9 Amperes

    ° 240 Volt — 50 Hz — or 5 Amperes

  • Air Requirements

    ° 3/8 inch (1cm) supply tubing 80 psi

    ° 1.3 cubic feet free air consumption per cycle

  • Specfications

    ° Overall height


    (73.66cm )

    ° Overall width at base



    ° Overall depth at base



    ° Overall shipping weight

    130 lbs.


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